Become Profitable Faster with Crypto

High-End Coaching- & Training Program

You started with Crypto. You checked things out, tried this and that, but it keeps on being confusing for you.

Or you have been trading for a while, but you never found that system that gives you the profit and the structure you want.

You just don’t want to make all the mistakes a newbie or a not structured investor/trader is bound to make.

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And what you want is to:

  • Make consistent profit with good risk management
  • Know when to buy and when to take profit
  • Get structure & learn a profitable system, step by step.
  • Move forward faster than you ever could on your own

There is a lot of information out there. Too much if you ask me. But you do not have the time to watch and follow all that information, do you?

You sit behind your screens, alone, not knowing where to look first, second and third.

I created this Private Coaching & Training Program, because within all this free information out there, there was a big need for personal help.

Not only personal but personalized help.

And that makes all the difference.

All people and budgets are different, so there is no one cookie cutter formula that works for everybody.

That is why I created my Private 1:1 Coaching Program, to do just that.

You will:

  • Know what kind of trader/investor you can be at this moment
  • Figure out what profit is possible for you now and later
  • Create a focussed profit & trade-plan
  • Learn how to chart on Tradingview like a PRO
  • Understand Risk Management
  • Learn trading strategies that fit your personal trading profile
  • Discover how to implement all of that

This is what one of my clients say:

Iulian C.

“Having Isabelle as a trainer and joining her classes was the right decision for me.

Being a rookie in the crypto market, but understanding it has immense potential, I have started to look around for bearings to guide my journey; while trying to avoid doing mistakes that cost money.

I have tested a couple of other courses and watched a lot of social media “influencers’ ” content, but quickly got fed up with being sold entertainment, “risk management” as a term tossed around with no real application, emotional rollercoasters and training “built for the community”, but actually meant to gather subscribers, likes and income for the creators, with a minimum possible effort and consideration.

Then I found Isabelle. From the start she stood out with her mindful, informed approach, always protecting capital, having risk management as a mantra.

It was a no-brainer that her skills and her approach are exactly what I am looking for.

Trading and investing should be an emotionless business, but if one is not looking to build a bot, then an individual-oriented approach when being guided and trained might be the best option.

Life always happens to everyone. With Isabelle, I found kindness and understanding, willingness to listen and adapt to my specific situation, plus a lot of really useful information.

Herself building and always evolving the crypto teaching program journey is another perfect opportunity to grow alongside and develop something interesting, rewarding, and futureproofed.

This is my honest experience, but don’t listen to a stranger’s words;

I encourage everyone to come and test the classes for themselves.

– Julian C. (Private Coaching Client)

Learn and implement Step-By-Step how you can become a profitable crypto-trader/investor, with an Invest/Trade Plan that is most suitable for YOUR crypto budget, your personality and lifestyle.

My Unique Step-by-Step System has 5 steps :

1. Create Your Profit- & Trade Plan

2. Set up Tradingview (for Charting) and your Follow-Up Systems

3. Learn My Unique Trading Strategies and Risk Management that will help you to make money consistently and keep your capital safe at the same time. Step by Step.

4. Start Implementing

5. Follow up – Improve your skills – Adapt/Fine Tune your strategy – Adapt to market changes (Repeating Cycle)

With the Private Coaching Program, we go through my Unique 5-step System.

Step by step, so adapted to your skills, personality, budget and circumstances, you get to learn and organize to be profitable in Crypto and learn a very valuable skill for life.

This Private 1:1 Coaching Program includes :

  • Option for 6 months or 1 year

  • Intensive 1:1 coaching and mentoring via Zoom calls

  • Teaching Video’s so you can learn step by step on your own time

  • Ability to ask written questions in between coaching

  • Calculators and other materials like PDF documents, or PNG images with teaching material on it so you can hang it on your wall in front of your computer for reference.

Why would you do it NOW?

BTC and Crypto in general is at the start of a great future. Most people know that by now. Governments, banks and big institutions; all have already invested heavily in BTC and other major coins. So we all know that Crypto is already massively adapted and growing.

This is the perfect time to learn and to get organized with the help of a good coach, so you don’t waste time and money doing and learning the wrong things.


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For (starting/intermediate) crypto traders/investors who want personalized help from an experienced crypto trader.
You’re serious and want to invest time and money in yourself and your trading skills.

We will discover if we are a fit and how I can help you to become a profitable Crypto Trader and/or Investor.

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