Your Crypto Investments Improvement

Two Private Half VIP Days


For two ½ Days (= two times 3 hrs), I will listen to you and I will coach and train you, so you have the most value out of our time together.


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You will be able to :

  • Identify the problem, situation and or opportunity of the moment.
  • Define the short (& longer) term goal to address today
  • What action Steps can you take immediately to get closer to your goals
  • What to look out for on the Longer Term
  • Feel supported with an experienced Crypto Trader and Profitability Expert as your trainer, coach and mentor.

Do only what is most suitable for your crypto budget, your personality and lifestyle.

Practical things we can address during this time together, so you will be able to:


1. Ask your questions directly. You have my personal attention

2. Create Your Personal Invest Action Plan.

3. Learn the basics of My Unique ‘Nature Walk Strategy (included Indicator) and how to combine it with my ‘Buying rules for minimal risk’ to help guide you with your Long Term Trades/Investments.

4. You’ll have a structure and plan to be able to decide yourself when to buy and when to sell.

4. Learn how to set up your Tradingview charts (basics) for your Action Plan analysis and ‘Nature Walk Strategy’


5. How to createand manage your Portfolio


Inclusive are:

  • 2 Intensive Virtual Coaching VIP ½ day (2x 3h)
      – Intensive 1:1 coaching and mentoring
      – Meeting via Zoom connection
  • Pre-session Questionnaire to fill in 24 hours prior to the first session
  • Portfolio monitoring template XLS-file
  • All coaching needs to be scheduled between 9am-noon and between 2pm-7pmCET Time (Central European Time)

These VIP ½ Days ARE for people who:

  • Want to invest in themselves andwant to takeaction NOW

These VIP ½ Days are NOT for people who:

  • are not ‘coachable’ or are not respectful / friendly

This is what my clients say:

Iulian C.

“Having Isabelle as a trainer and joining her classes was the right decision for me.

Being a rookie in the crypto market, but understanding it has immense potential, I have started to look around for bearings to guide my journey; while trying to avoid doing mistakes that cost money.

I have tested a couple of other courses and watched a lot of social media “influencers’ ” content, but quickly got fed up with being sold entertainment, “risk management” as a term tossed around with no real application, emotional rollercoasters and training “built for the community”, but actually meant to gather subscribers, likes and income for the creators, with a minimum possible effort and consideration.

Then I found Isabelle. From the start she stood out with her mindful, informed approach, always protecting capital, having risk management as a mantra.

It was a no-brainer that her skills and her approach are exactly what I am looking for.

Trading and investing should be an emotionless business, but if one is not looking to build a bot, then an individual-oriented approach when being guided and trained might be the best option.

Life always happens to everyone. With Isabelle, I found kindness and understanding, willingness to listen and adapt to my specific situation, plus a lot of really useful information.

Herself building and always evolving the crypto teaching program journey is another perfect opportunity to grow alongside and develop something interesting, rewarding, and futureproofed.

This is my honest experience, but don’t listen to a stranger’s words;

I encourage everyone to come and test the classes for themselves.

– Julian C. (Private Coaching Client)

Lennerd Kreemers

Isabelle is a very credible mentor who has helped me a lot with business and financial development throughout the years. She not only helps you to develop your analytical side which is needed to master crypto but also learns you to have a strong mindset that’s needed as well. She simply goes to the extremes to satisfy her mentees and clients. Unlike I have ever seen with other gurus in the space. “


Temporarily 1680 € (1850 €) for 2 consecutive Half VIP Days within max. 30 days(We can cover more with an extra absorption and preparation time for you in between the sessions)

Payment conditions: Prepayment at booking

Fast Decision BONUS (ONLY if decision and full payment before 10 March 2023):

  • Post-VIP Day Follow-up & Implementation Coaching session (45 min) within max. 30 days following the last booked VIP Half Day

All prices are exclusive 21% VAT (if applicable).

All sessions are virtual (normally via zoom calls)