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Hi, I’m Isabelle

As an experienced Crypto Trader- & Profit Coach, I help starting / intermediate Crypto Traders / Investors to:

Make consistent profit with good risk management
Know when to buy and when to take profit
Get structure & learn a profitable system, step by step.
Move forward faster than you ever could on your own

I would love to be your coach!

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crypto services

1 on 1 Coaching

Personalized 1:1 Coaching and Training Program for People who want to win time in learning and invest in themselves and their trading skills

VIP day

Full Day of Focused 1:1 Training / Coaching to give you a great start and/or upgrade in your personal needed crypto knowledge

discovery session

If you consider any of my private coaching services, please book a FREE Discovery Session of 30 minutes, where we will talk and see if we are a fit. (Zoom Call)

avoid loss

Trying to figure it all out on your own, could make you lose a lot of time and money

learn quicker

With High End Teachings and Coaching your learning will move faster

get advice

All people and situations are different. With a personal coach, you get custom made advice

maximize profits

To maximize profits, you need a tailored plan for your specific situation, budget & skill set.


Iulian C.

“Having Isabelle as a trainer and joining her classes was the right decision for me… From the start she stood out with her mindful, informed approach, always protecting capital, having risk management as a mantra. It was a no-brainer that her skills and her approach are exactly what I am looking for…”

why work with me


As an economist and a certified business coach, I attach importance to a systematic approach.


More than 20 years of business experience as an entrepreneur in several industries. More than 6 years of High-End Business Model and Profitability Coaching. Since 2018 crypto enthusiast to become the Crypto Profitability and Risk Management Coach that I am today.


I built a unique Step-By-Step Plan, that helps you to be profitable and safe with Crypto considering your lifestyle, skills, and resources.


As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I connect very strongly with my clients, so I can help them better and faster.

Are you ready to become profitable in crypto?

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For (starting/intermediate) crypto traders/investors who want personalized help from an experienced crypto trader.
You’re serious and want to invest time and money in yourself and your trading skills.

We will discover if we are a fit and how I can help you to become a profitable Crypto Trader and/or Investor.

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